Day four: Presidential race tightens

The U.S. Capitol building is seen in Washington, D.C. Presidential election votes continue to be counted on day four. (Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

Votes continue to be counted on day four of the 2020 presidential election after polls closed on Nov. 3. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada are among the few key swing states left still counting mail-in ballots.

As of 10:28 p.m. MST, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken over Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Biden leads by 28,833 votes at 96% reporting in Pennsylvania and by 4,395 votes with 99% reporting in Georgia.

Biden is also up by 22,657 votes in Nevada at 93% reporting and by 29,861 votes in Arizona at 95% reporting.

Trump holds the lead in North Carolina by 76,737 votes at 95% reporting.

Biden has secured 253 electoral votes to Trump’s 214.

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