Clyde Building explosion result of chemical experiment

Firefighters from Provo Fire & Rescue respond to a call about an incident in the BYU Clyde Building on July 14, 2020. One person was transport to the hospital for treatment after a chemical explosion took place in the building. (Sam Armstrong/Provo Fire & Rescue)

An experiment in the BYU Clyde Building resulted in a chemical explosion Wednesday afternoon. One person was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Provo Fire & Rescue Public Information Officer Capt. Sam Armstrong said the explosion was the result of an experiment involving hydrochloric acid that had a “greater effect than anticipated.”

“The lab’s containment hood and decontamination shower are the real heroes today,” Armstrong said. “That made it very straightforward and quickly managed for the fire department.”

He said the only damage from the explosion was the sides of the containment hood being pushed out.

BYU announced in a Y News email on Thursday that the student was able to take a decontamination shower in the building before going to the hospital for minor injuries

The building has since been reopened to faculty and students with keycard access, according to the email.

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