President Worthen condemns racism, says there is still ‘work to do’


BYU President Kevin J Worthen responded late Monday evening to the tragic deaths George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery as well as recent civil unrest in the country.

The message was released by BYU in a series of tweets, with President Worthen sharing how BYU can make an effort to make things better on campus and throughout the world.

“We know there is work to do, on campus and throughout the nation, for us to better come together, to address injustice and to truly love one another. It will take sustained effort from all of us to make things better. We remain committed to doing that,” the tweet reads.

Worthen continues by saying that the BYU community can do this in a unique way because of its understanding that all humans are children of heavenly parents.

“BYU stands firmly against racism and violence in any form and is committed to promoting a culture of safety, kindness, respect and love,” Worthen said in the tweet.

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