Brooke Anderson showcases her knew BYU blue winter coat during BYU’s win over Utah State in Logan on Nov. 2. (Preston Crawley)

BYU fan Brooke Anderson became known as the “Red Coat Cougar” after a video of her flailing her arms at a football game went viral. BYU senior associate athletic director Liz Darger saved the day by presenting her with a blue coat to wear while cheering on the Cougars.

Darger invited Anderson to her office in the Student Athlete Building on Wednesday, Oct. 30, to give her the coat. Based on their shared love for BYU sports, there was an instant connection.

Being an avid BYU sports fan, Anderson was excited to come to BYU to receive the coat and see the athletic department.

“I meant what I said,” Darger said in relation to her intent of following through with her tweet saying she would get the coat to Anderson.

Darger proceeded to give Anderson a BYU jacket, a football signed by football head coach Kalani Sitake and a card signed by him that said, “Brooke, I wore red once too. Glad we’re both in blue now. Thanks for the passion. Go Cougs!”

Liz Darger gives a blue coat to BYU fan Brooke Anderson, also known as the “Red Coat Cougar.” (Hannah Miner)

After Anderson and Darger laughed and talked together for a while, Darger concluded their meeting by showing Anderson around the athletic facility.

Anderson said her family made fun of her because she didn’t need someone to buy her a jacket. Her original red coat just happened to be the wrong color to wear as a Cougars fan at a BYU football game. Anderson said she is happy she can now wear the BYU blue coat to the games.

“It was really cool and Liz made it very personal,” Anderson said. “I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’m way happy with how it went.”

Anderson said she is excited she got to witness the Cougars beat Utah State 42-14 in her new coat on Nov. 2.

Next football game, it might be a little harder to spot the “Red Coat Cougar” fan in the crowd, but Anderson’s crazy flailing arms in her new BYU coat should help.

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