Students plan scavenger hunt in place of homecoming parade


Organizers are in the process of planning a scavenger hunt for part of BYU’s Homecoming celebration. The hunt, coined “The Homecoming Hunt” by the event’s organizers, is a new addition to Homecoming Week, which is scheduled for Oct. 15-19.

According to event planners Brie Richardson and Glade Adams, students can download an app called Goose Chase in order to participate. The app will provide different clues and missions like answering BYU trivia or taking a picture of something specific. Goose Chase features a GPS locator that will also allow students to check-in at specific places. 

“If you’ve ever heard of Questival, it’s pretty similar to that,” Richardson said. 

Students will have the opportunity to win prizes for participating in the Homecoming Hunt. Richardson and Adams are currently working with businesses like the BYU Bookstore to secure the prizes. 

“We’re hoping (the prizes) will appeal to a wide audience of students here on campus and … get everyone excited about Homecoming,” Adams said. 

Organizers said they hope the Homecoming Hunt will be a new and exciting way for students to get to know BYU. 

Logan Mann, an event organizer, said, “We hope students will feel a greater connection to the university and their fellow students as they explore campus, learn about our history, and see the exciting new ways BYU is moving into the future.”

The Homecoming Hunt will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and will run until Saturday, Oct. 19.

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