Relic Quarry Hits the Wall


PROVO — Provo is one of the best cities for startup musicians in the country. One week it’s Velour, another week a talent show. This week, it’s the Battle of the Bands at The Wall.

Relic Quarry is a startup band hitting the local scene to prove their skill and passion. “It’s actually an 11-string right now cause I snapped this one during the show,” said Alec Martin, lead guitarist and founder of the band Relic Quarry, as he showed off his twelve-string guitar.

Alec started playing music years ago but got serious in 2015. “I recorded some solos and stuff in [my uncle’s] grain silo on his farm. It stayed as a solo project and got the name Relic Quarry right about then,” he said. Then he found some friends, and the rest is history.

The music is an emotional process for them that helps them connect with the community.

“We’re all human. We all have these feelings and things, and so it’s cool to be able to connect with people through lyrics,” said Aly Barlow, one of the vocalists for the band. 

The impact a local band can have on a community is huge. The band thinks that’s one of the best parts about Provo. 

“It’s music from your town, from your college years, in your college town,” Alec said.

Bands just like this are flooding The Wall in order to win the chance for a professional recording which is the end goal for many bands.

“We have some killer bands playing. They are the next big thing, and you want to be able to say, ‘I knew them when…I saw them when.’ You don’t want to lose those bragging rights because they’ll last forever,” said Bailey Golding, one of the event coordinators for The Wall.

The Battle of the Bands goes all week and finals are this Friday night, Oct 11, at 7 pm. 

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