Readers’ Forum: 9/17/19


Side with genuine musicians

In popular music today, cookie-cutter songs and artists are manufactured by huge record
labels, designed to sell on a global scale. The problem with this is that the world is starved of the benefits meaningful music can have on our lives.

The true purpose of music is to influence the listener through meaningful melodies. True
music will uplift its listener. If music is written with the right intentions, it can fill our souls with color. When we listen to meaningful music, we can be emotionally connected to other listeners and the songwriter. Being connected in times of grief, hope and joy is priceless because it helps us feel less alone.

Most popular songs contain meaningless lyrics and generic subjects, including this lyric
from “Baby” by Justin Bieber: “And I was like baby, baby, baby oh. Like baby, baby, baby no.” Believe it or not, it actually took a panel of seven different writers to write those lyrics! Young listeners such as the students here at BYU need to support artists with musical integrity rather than watered-down music designed to make money.

To solve this problem, music listeners can support local artists with quality and original content.  If we all “band” together we can reinstate worthwhile music into popularity. Once we do this, the music will uplift and unite listeners across the world.

—Harrison Moore
Westlake, Texas

Art — the keystone in our lives

What is art? It does not have a distinct definition because it can be so many things. As
E.A. Bucchianeri said, “Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own
interpretation.” We can find art all around us even if we are not looking for it. Art improves our lives and impacts us to be more confident in ourselves and aware of the beauty all around us.

When out on a walk or drive, what do you see when you look up? The blue sky with
clouds that are shaded white or the sun shining bright? That is art the world has created — nature all around spreading to make the community beautiful. That beauty is there to provide happiness, joy and a new view of the world. However, nature is not the only art that makes the world beautiful; culture does the same. Music is different for every individual and in every culture around the world. It brings out one’s self-expression and evokes emotion in others. Music is a type of art that develops one’s unique qualities and teaches how to express emotions in a different way.

Take a moment when walking on campus to enjoy the beauty of nature or relax with music. Art can inspire and captivate you if you’re aware of it, but it can also create a way to escape the stress of college. Art is here, there, everywhere, and it’s on this earth for a great purpose. You just need to open your eyes and see.

—Jeanine Campa
Kyle, Texas

Climbing prices, falling safety

One thing I personally love about Provo is the access to the outdoors. At the beginning of July, my brother and I went lead climbing in Rock Canyon. For those who do not know, lead climbing is a type of climbing requiring the rope to be taken up and clipped into anchor points along the route. The climb was going great until I dropped right before making a clip, meaning that the maximum amount of weight my brother could have experienced hit the rope. He did his best to stop my descent but missed the friction of the belay device. I free fell 30 feet from the top of the wall.

Luckily, I came out with only minor cuts and bruises, but immediately after the incident I decided I need to be safer when I climb. Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport demanding lots of money and gear to get into. Many people cut the high gear costs by purchasing cheaper, dangerous gear. The problem is, the climbing industry promotes this practice. Belay devices such as a figure eight can be as cheap as $5. As students in college, we are more likely to purchase the cheaper equipment, compared to assisted-belay devices that can cost over $100. The difference between the two can be life or death. Buying safer gear is like investing in your own security. Similar to buying a door, versus buying a door with a lock. I beg anyone interested in climbing to go the safer route, and make sure the equipment is designed to protect you. Otherwise, you could come crashing to the ground.

—Kyle Melby
Castle Rock, Colorado

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