‘Provo’s Most Eligible’ crew raffles off dates during dance event

Guests dance as current “Provo’s Most Eligible” cast member Colin Ross DJs. (Maxwell Atwood)

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Provo college students entered the Eclipse Enigma Event Center in Provo on Saturday, March 23, to dance and enter a raffle in hopes of winning a date with “Provo’s Most Eligible” cast members.

The event was hosted by the cast and crew of “Provo’s Most Eligible,” formerly known as “The Bachelor of Provo.” Colin Ross, the show’s bachelor contestant, opened the night DJing as the crowd slowly arrived. Around 10 p.m., as more people arrived, Ross joined attendees on the dance floor.

Guests took pictures and danced with Ross and other contestants who were present throughout the night.

Attendees decide which raffle to enter upon arriving. (Maxwell Atwood)

Guests entered raffle tickets in boxes with past and current contestants’ faces. About 100 guests arrived before the DJ cut the music and Remington Butler, the show’s creator and host, announced the winners of the raffle.

Annali Crandall, a contestant who left the show after the fourth episode, attended the event and was raffled off for a date.

“I thought it would be fun,” Crandall said. “Things didn’t work out for me on ‘Provo’s Most Eligible,’ so it’s a second chance.”

Crandall said she, along with the other contestants who were raffled for dates, exchanged numbers with the winners and made plans to go on dates in the near future.

McKenna Wright, who also left the show after the fourth episode, said she chose to come because she wanted to follow through on the commitment she made to the show. Although she now has a boyfriend, she said she still wanted to participate in the raffle to show her support for the show and its creators.

Colin Ross DJs at the beginning of the event. (Maxwell Atwood)

“I am an all or nothing kind of person,” Wright said. “When I sign up for an experience, I’m all the way in.”

The original post advertising the dance event on social media also advertised contestants would be chosen for next season’s episodes. However, the raffle winners were the only announcements.

“We decided we’re just going to look at the applications that we have online,” Butler said. “We’ve had like 700 people who have applied online.”

Ross was also raffled off for a date to one winner.

“I think it’s harmless,” Ross said. “It’s just a date.”

Ross said he feels weird as the show comes to an end. He said this has been his life for the past five months and he is excited to return to his normal routine.

BYU sophomore Jenna Adams won the date with Ross. She said her friend invited her to come, but her friend didn’t show up and Adams decided to stay and enter the raffle instead.

Remington Butler announces Jenna Adams as the winner of the date with Collin Ross. (Maxwell Atwood)

“I never win anything,” Adams said. “I’m excited to get to know him and become friends. I’m not really looking for anything special.”

The Beehive Live will host a finale event for “Provo’s Most Eligible” on Monday, March 25, at the Dry Bar Comedy Club in Provo. A question and answer session with Ross and the show’s producers will follow the live streaming of the final episode.

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