Amanda Knight Hall up for sale and renovation



Amanda Knight Hall, located south of BYU, was constructed in 1939 as housing for female students. Despite initial plans to build a replica of the building, the university is now looking for an investor to renovate the building. (Sam Bigelow)

The Amanda Knight Hall is currently listed for sale.

BYU is looking for an investor willing to work with the Provo City Landmarks Commission to repurpose and preserve the building, which “has no remaining useful life as constituted,” according to a disclosure statement for investors provided by University Communications. The university estimates it would cost roughly $10 million to properly renovate the building.

The statement acknowledges that the university’s previously-announced plan to demolish the building and construct a replica has been unpopular with Provo residents and some members of the commission. If an arrangement to sell the building can’t be met, the university will pursue its plan to develop a replica.

A sign in front of Amanda Knight Hall notes the building is for sale. According to University Communications, BYU is looking for an investor to renovate the building. (Sam Bigelow)

According to the statement, necessary renovations of the 80-year-old brick building include adding an elevator, insulation, energy-efficient windows, a new roof, updated plumbing and a modern electrical system. The building also contains lead paint and asbestos, which represent serious health concerns, and a plywood diaphragm would be necessary to help protect against earthquakes.

According to BYU Special Collections, Amanda Knight Hall was built in 1939 as a counterpart to Allen Hall. Allen Hall was constructed to house young men in 1938 while Amanda Knight Hall was built as a dormitory for female students. BYU received a permit to demolish Allen Hall last summer, the Deseret News reported.

Amanda Knight Hall was then repurposed for use by the Missionary Training Center and the BYU English Language Center in 1964. Although the building was unanimously declared a Provo landmark in 1996 by the Provo Landmarks Commissions, the disclosure statement says it was removed from the Provo City Landmarks Register in 2002.

Amanda Knight Hall is one of three BYU buildings named after women.

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