Police Beat Dec. 1 — Jan. 8


29-year-old Officer Joseph Shinners of the Provo Police Department was shot and killed on Jan. 5 during a confrontation with a wanted fugitive, according to a report from Fox13. The incident occurred at 9:53 p.m. near a Bed Bath & Beyond in Orem on 50 W. University Parkway. The  40-year-old suspect, who remains unnamed, is in custody at a local hospital and appears to be in stable condition, according to Orem Police Department’s Chief of Police Gary Giles. The suspect could face multiple charges, including aggravated murder of a police officer. 

The Provo Police Department Facebook page posted in honor of Officer Shinners on Jan. 6.

"Joseph Shinners is the officer you would want to show up on your doorstep in your crucible moment." – Police Chief Rich FergusonRest in peace JoJo. We will take it from here.

Posted by Provo Police Department on Sunday, January 6, 2019



Dec. 17 — Officers responded to a report of an assault occurring during a basketball game at the RB.

Criminal Mischief 

Dec. 4 — An officer responded to a report of graffiti in the men’s bathroom in the SWKT.

Disorderly Conduct

Dec. 2 — Officers responded to a report of disorderly conduct between two individuals in Helaman Halls.

Dec. 4 — After responding to reports of an individual acting out in Helaman Halls, officers contacted medial professionals and the individual was released to family members.


Dec. 14 —An individual reported receiving multiple phone calls from an unknown out-of-state caller, which did not stop after the individual asked the caller to stop.


Dec. 1 — An individual reported head phones taken from a dance room in the RB.

Dec. 3 — An individual reported a watch stolen from an unsecured locker in the RB.

Dec. 5 — An individual reported a rear license plate taken from a vehicle at the University Services Building. The license plate has been entered into the national theft database.

Dec. 5 — An individual reported a cell phone stolen from the lobby area of Helaman Halls.

Dec. 5 — An individual reported two unsecured wedding rings stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse locker room.

Dec. 18 — An individual reported that someone went through the individual’s vehicle and stole an old cell phone.

Dec. 20 — An individual reported a bicycle stolen from the HRCN bike rack.

Dec. 20 — An individual reported a bicycle stolen from the MARB bike rack.

Dec. 21 — An individual reported a wallet stolen from a vehicle at Wymount Terrace.

Dec. 28 — An individual reported a bicycle stolen from the Fletcher Building area. The individual called back saying a friend moved the bike and it was not stolen.

Jan. 3 — The Orem Police Department posted on its Facebook page that a man has been breaking into vending machines in schools in Orem and surrounding areas. Timpanogos High School, Pleasant Grove Junior High and American Fork High School are all investigating the break-ins, which occurred over the holiday break. Each school sustained several thousand dollars worth of damages to vending machines and other property.

Jan. 4 — An officer responded to a report that vending machines in the Tanner Building were broken into and the cash boxes removed.


Dec. 13 — An individual reported receiving threats through texts and social media.

Sexual Misconduct

Dec. 20 — An individual reported unwanted touching that occurred during a date.

Sex Offense

Dec. 8 — An individual reported another individual being inappropriate while standing in line at the Wilkinson Student Center. The second individual was banned from the area.

Dec. 12 — An individual made a delayed report of a sex offense that occurred in another jurisdiction. They were given Title IX resource information and referred to the correct police jurisdiction.

Criminal Mischief

Dec. 21 — An individual noticed graffiti drawn across the walls in a bathroom and reported it.

Dec. 28 — BYU Police located graffiti scrawled across the “No Parking” at the entrance to Lot 58.


Dec. 8 — Three individuals were issued warnings after being found inside a construction area in Heritage Halls.

Dec. 22 — An individual hopped a fence into a closed area at the MTC where he was stopped and issued a warning.

Jan. 4 — Individuals were located in a closed area in the HFAC after hours. They were cited and released.


Driving under the influence

Dec. 22 — Police arrested a man and charged him with a DUI after he got into an accident and officers discovered alcohol in his vehicle.


Dec. 22 — A woman’s car window was smashed and her purse was stolen while she was at work.

Dec. 22 — A man wired $50,000 dollars to a fake email account as a down payment for what he thought was a home.


Dec. 22 — An individual pursued a vehicle after he saw a drug deal occur in a Walmart parking lot. The individual called police, who showed up shortly after to arrest the suspect with the help of a police dog.

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