Salt Lake Capitol Meeting for Medical Marijuana


In 12 days, Utah voters will decide whether or not to bring medical marijuana to the state. Last night, a public forum was held at the state capitol on proposition 2. Utahns took the opportunity to speak out about the issue.

Prop 2 campaign manager, Alex Iorg, stated, “I have friends and family members who would benefit. I watched my grandparents pass away from cancer and be in this opioid funk before they passed. It’s awful. I want an alternative for patients and I feel like passing Prop 2 is the best way of doing that.”

Others stressed that cannabis has just as much potential to be as addicting as opioid medicine.

According to the Cognitive Neurobiologist, Dr. JoAnne Petrie, “Cannabis has addictive properties and it also does affect the developing brain. The younger you start, just like anything else, that is what your body will adapt to.”

A week ago, legislators got together to craft a compromise on medical marijuana. The advocacy group TRUCE Utah is currently reviewing the compromise in an effort to determine whether it will help or hinder marijuana legislation.

House Minority Leader and District 28 Representative, Brian King, said, “People are speaking from the heart about this, you’ve heard a lot of authentic comments about this. But I was impressed by the number who came out in favor of Prop 2 and the compromise.”

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