Battle of the Bands


The Wall, a restaurant and music venue in Provo, is holding their semi-annual Battle of the Bands this week. Performances on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night will see the winner of each night compete tomorrow in the final round.

The first band from Tuesday night, Muninn, takes their inspiration from a bird.

“Muninn – he’s ancient. He belongs to Odin, the father of Thor from
Norse mythology,” said Josh Bird, bassist for Muninn.

“He [Odin] has these two birds named Huginn and Muninn that fly around to the people of Valhalla and spread the good news,” added Joe Carson, guitarist for Muninn.

Bird expanded on the good news mentality when he said, “That’s what we’re all about. We just want to take music and make it a good message and bring it to everybody. We’re the bird. We’re Munnin.”

The next band to take the stage was Rocky Mountain Strings. They combine all kinds of different genres of music, but no matter the genre, the music all has the same goal.

“We do what we do because it’s a great thing, it’s wonderful to see people just relax,” said Jake Goehring, percussionist for Rocky Mountain Strings. “I think we [the band] have all been really fortunate to have a talent where it helps other people just be at ease.”

The final band from Tuesday night, Indigo Waves, takes inspiration from other
bands from Utah that have made it big.

“I would come to Velour all the time and see shows,” said Austin Oestreich, Indigo Waves guitarist. “I was like a big fan of Imagine Dragons and stuff like that growing up, and so it was really cool to see people make it you know. Not that we’re trying to make it, but make a difference in music, and to see that someone in Utah could do that.”

The winner from Tuesday night was Rocky Mountain Strings. They’ll join Wednesday night’s winner, Teilani, and the winner from tonight’s segment for the finals. The final round will take place at the Wall on Friday at 7:00 P.M.

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