Little Terra mirrors stress relieving businesses Color Me Mine, The Soap Factory

Customers at The Soap Factory paint their soap after it’s hardened. This allows visitors to tap into their creativity and personalize their soap, founder David Peterson said. (The Soap Factory)

Editor’s note: This story pairs with “Provo terrarium business provides stress relief”

Several companies in Provo provide experiences to relieve stress. Like terrarium building business Little Terra, Color Me Mine and The Soap Factory also help patrons explore their creative sides in relaxing environments.

The Soap Factory, located across from the Provo City Center Temple, allows patrons to pick colors and essential oils to mix into soap molds. Owner and founder David Peterson said the business chooses eclectic music to accompany patrons to make the store as peaceful as possible.

Peterson said The Soap Factory gives patrons a sensory experience. Those who come can smell the oils, feel soap and even taste homemade lip balm.

Peterson said visitors experience something new and interesting when they come to The Soap Factory, something that can help manage stress.

After mixing the ingredients together, customers can paint the soaps. Peterson said the painting is fun, relaxing and encourages creativity.

Color Me Mine also uses painting and art to give visitors a stress-free experience. After choosing a piece of pottery like a mug, plate or piggy bank, customers paint the item with sponges, tape, stamps and stencils. Once the product is finished, it is left at the store to be glazed, fired and eventually picked up, according to the Color Me Mine website.

“Painting is a positive outlet that allows you to focus on creating, so it’s no wonder that it’s good for the mind, body and soul,” Color Me Mine worker Abby Viveiros said.

Viverios said creativity reduces stress regardless of artistic talent. It also increases dopamine while reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

BYU junior Alyssa Gunnell said these opportunities, such as provided by places like Color Me Mine and The Soap Factory, are beneficial for students because of the stress they experience.

They are appealing because most people are usually very stressed through school or work, so the idea of being able to relax is enticing,” Gunnell said about her experience at The Soap Factory.

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