The future of digital marketing


I have a friend who graduated a few years ago and works in marketing. He knows a bit about my interests and how I’m doing in school, and–at my request–he talked me up to a few people around his office. One of those people suggested that I would be a good fit for “digital marketing” and offered to get on a phone call with me to discuss it. But I’m not really sure what digital marketing actually is, and, to be honest, my friend was not the most helpful in explaining it. I think my friend doesn’t entirely know the ins and outs of it, either, and I’d hate to get on a call with this coworker of his and find out that I’m not interested in this stuff at all. Can the experts provide me with some background?

Digital marketing is a pretty broad term, but it’s also a very important one, say the educators behind a Digital Marketing Course London. Let’s go over what digital marketing is, and how you might best take advantage the opportunity that your friend and his coworker have been generous enough to give you.

Digital marketing may sound like a buzzword with a vague or complicated definition, but it’s actually quite simple (and very broad): digital marketing is all the marketing that we do with digital devices, from pop-up ads on websites to ads in mobile phone apps.

As you might imagine, digital marketing is extremely important–and it’s only getting more important with each passing year. These days, Americans spend an incredible 10 hours a day, on average, in front of screens. And the screens we care most about are, increasingly, the ones on our digital devices–particularly our mobile devices and smartphones.

Marketing and advertising have long been about reaching people where they are. Nobody puts up a billboard in a ghost town, so it stands to reason that advertisers and marketers would flock to digital devices and the internet. That’s where everyone is!

In many ways, digital marketing works on the same principles as traditional marketing. Marketers look for sales leads and audiences to advertise to, and they use all the information that they can in order to aim their marketing efforts at the people most likely to turn into customers. One fascinating thing about digital marketing is that the internet has given marketers so many new tools with which to do this. It’s possible to track where internet users go online, for instance, and use that information to serve up relevant advertisements.

If any of this sounds interesting, you should certainly take your friend’s coworker up on that offer of a phone call! When it comes to building a career, networking is key, and you should do your best to be open to chatting with anyone whom you feel could make a difference in your future. Even if nothing comes of it, it’s always great to learn about new things and practice your networking skills!

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” — Beverly Sills

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