Police Beat July 28 – Aug. 21




Aug. 16 —A $450 Giant Mountain bike was stolen from the bike racks by the J. Reuben Clark Building. The bike’s lock was cut.

Aug. 15 — A male student’s blue Roke scooter was taken from the Heritage Halls parking lot. The scooter was valued at $500.

Aug. 11 — A wallet was taken from a BYU employee’s office in the Joseph K. Nicholes Building. The wallet was valued at $15. There is a possible subject described as a male in his 20s.

Aug. 10 — A bike was stolen from the Life Science Building bike racks. The $400 bike was locked with a cable lock.

Aug. 8 — A female student returned to the Wilkinson Student Center bike racks to retrieve her $400 bike, but found the bike and her cable lock missing.

Aug. 8 — A female locked her $700 bike with a cable lock at the Talmage Math Sciences and Computer Building. When she returned at the end of the day, she found her bike and lock missing.

Aug. 7 — A male student left a $100 bike unlocked at the Jesse Knight Building bike racks. It was stolen and there are no suspects.

Aug. 6 — A couple discovered that the gas in their car had been stolen. The gas cap was broken off and there were scratches next to the gas tank door where someone had pried it open. The couple lost $25 in gas.

Aug. 5 — A $700 Specialized bike was stolen from Wyview Park. The owner, a male student, hadn’t seen his bike for two weeks, but he did lock it with a cable lock.

Aug. 5 — An unlocked bike was taken from the Faculty Office Building. It was valued at $300.

Aug. 4 — A female student locked her bike on some bike racks by the Smith Fieldhouse. When she returned, she found her $400 bike and $100 helmet missing along with her lock. There are currently no suspects.

Aug. 2 —A $200 locked bike was stolen from the Kimball Tower bike racks. The bike was locked with a cable lock.

Aug. 1 — Someone took a meal plan card and used it at vending machines in Helaman Halls.

July 30 — A person told police that their car had been stolen, but later realized a family member had used the car.

July 28 — Sometime between July 13-22, $1,300 worth of property was stolen from the Student Athlete Building. There are currently no suspects.


Aug. 20 — A man, working on the construction job in the Marriott Center Basketball Facility, reported that a co-worker assaulted him. The man owed his co-worker some money. University Police said when his co-worker asked him for the money, the man claimed he left it at home. Later in the day, the co-worker confronted the man again and pushed him down. Other workers broke up the fight. As of Aug. 26, 2016, no action has been taken by the police.

Criminal Mischief

Aug. 2 — Police discovered some graffiti on the Maser Hill side walks. They believe a stencil was used to spray paint a few birds. It cost about $200 to clean up.

Aug. 20 — An unknown person threw a rock through a window in Building D in the Foreign Language Student Residence. The damage will cost $250 to fix.

Aug. 20 — A small hole was discovered on in the outer glass layer of the Creamery on Ninth window. It could have been caused by a BB gun pellet. The repair will cost around $600.


Aug. 21 — Three juveniles were caught trespassing on the LaVell Edwards Stadium around 3 a.m. They were warned for being out past curfew and for trespassing.

Aug. 5 — Four individuals were seen in the LaVell Edwards Stadium. When University Police approached them, they ran away. Police saw at least one person climb over a gate. All four individuals tried to hide, but police caught two of them. They cited the two and got the first names of the other two who had escaped.

Vehicle Burglary

Aug. 14 — A female parked her car in the Allen Hall parking lot and left it unlocked with her wallet and keys inside. Sometime between the late afternoon and evening, someone took her wallet, keys and $50 in cash. There are no suspects.


Aug. 10 — A female grounds employee was driving by Budge Hall in Helaman Halls when she observed a male mooning a group of other males. When police officers arrived, the group was gone.

Domestic Violence

Aug. 8 — A former female BYU student, encouraged by her therapist, reported that she was sexually abused by her husband in August 2015. She has since then been divorced from the man, and both her and her ex-husband are no longer at BYU. She did not tell anyone about the abuse when it happened.


Aug. 3 — An email was sent to various BYU employees with a link. The link was bate so computers could be hacked. Six people’s personal information was taken and their pay checks were sent to an unknown bank account. The employees were able to get their money back.

Sex Offense

July 28 — A male was observed engaging in lewd behavior in the Smith Fieldhouse mens locker room. At least two people witnessed the lewd behavior, so the male was brought to the police station. He had two active traffic warrants and was booked into Utah County Jail for his warrants and two counts of lewdness. He is not a student.

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