Thunder Ridge Elementary nominates favorite principal


Whether it is dying his hair blonde or being duct taped to a wall, Principal Theler is willing to do nearly anything for his students.

Principal Theler duct taped to the wall as a reward for the students reading program.
Principal Theler is duct taped to the wall to reward students for completing the spring reading program. Theler has been nominated for the “Life Changer of the Year” award. (Thunder Ridge)

Thunder Ridge Elementary School in Saratoga Springs, Utah nominated Principal Theler for the “Life Changer of the Year” award. This is an annual award that goes to outstanding education professionals.

Sixth-grade teacher Aubrie Lundquist said there is a different feeling at Thunder Ridge because of Mr. Theler.

“He truly is a life changer,” Lundquist said. “Mr. Theler truly cares about others and has their best interest at heart. I feel truly blessed to work alongside (him).”

Jason Theler has been the principal of Thunder Ridge elementary ever since it opened in 2011. Former Parent Teacher Association President Mindi Barker nominated Principal Theler for the award.

“He opened the door for everything to be so fun,” Barker said.

Fun is definitely Theler’s specialty.

“Some people say I am still a kid at heart and there may be some truth to that,” Theler said.


Principal Theler died his hair blonde with a BYU Y as a reward for the students.
Principal Theler also dyed his hair blonde with a blue BYU “Y” as a reward for the students’ reading program. (Jamie Theler)

Each year, Theler organizes a spring reading program for the students.  Sheryle Coray, a former PTA president shared that Theler sets a reading goal and allows students to pick what the reward will be.

As a result, Theler has been pied in the face, duct taped to a wall, and dyed his hair blonde with a blue BYU “Y” on the top of his head.

“His ability, willingness, and excitement to do anything to motivate and inspire the kids knows no boundaries,” Coray said. “He will do anything he can for them.”

Principal Theler also puts great emphasis on interacting with the students.

“The school motto is to work hard, learn well and play often,” Theler said. “I want to make sure that the kids have a chance to do all three of those things.”

Lizzie Blomquist is a sixth-grade student at Thunder Ridge, and sees firsthand Theler’s involvement with the students.

Principal Theler and other faculty playing in the sixth-grade vs. faculty soccer game. (Thunder Ridge)

“We have a soccer game, sixth grade against the faculty, and he plays in that every year,” Blomquist said.

Theler gets involved with both the students and the faculty.

“I want to roll up my sleeves and get dirty,” Theler said. “If the teacher is doing something, then I want to do it with them. If the custodian is moving boxes, I want to move boxes with them. If they need help in the lunch room, then I don’t mind wiping tables. It is a fun way to be involved.”

Theler lives in American Fork, Utah with his wife Jamie and three kids.

He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1997 with a degree in Elementary Education, later receiving two masters degrees, one in Administration from BYU.

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