Draesen Smith
Chemical Engineering
Sandy, UT

“I just got a ticket yesterday. I was at my girlfriend’s apartment and we thought it was visitor parking because there were no signs. But when I came out there was boot on my wheel. It cost $60 and I had to spend money on the Sabbath.”

Kohlmann Kearley
Industrial Design
Salt Lake City, UT

“I can never find a spot because I don’t have a parking pass. So I have to park in the free lots, but they’re full so I have to park on the street.”

Leisha Hansen
Public Health
Moses Lake, WA

“My friend parked in the handicapped spot over there for an entire semester. She just finally got a ticket. She went to the ticket office and won because there was no mounted sign.”

Dallon Echohawk
Open Major
Pocatello, Idaho

“I don’t have a car so I walk to campus. It’s simpler to not have to worry about parking. I live on campus. I plan to buy a bike next semester. There’s no free parking, right?”

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