BYU’s first China Conference to convene this Saturday

BYU's first China Conference aims to educate students with any interest in relations with China. Students can learn more at
BYU’s first China Conference aims to educate students with any interest in relations with China. Students can learn more at ( screenshot)

BYU will have its first ever China Conference this Saturday, aimed at helping students who have interest in careers in China.

Kanokphol “Young” Limpanasriphong, President of the BYU China Conference Committee, is a junior at BYU studying international relations. He said he believes the conference will be an exciting event for students and faculty.

“The BYU China Conference is a great opportunity to build business relationships and to learn from experts,” he said.

Limpanasriphong said the conference is designed to educate students who want future careers in China, as well as native Chinese students who want to return to China and succeed in business and service endeavors.

Five speakers will address the conference on Saturday and participate in a Q&A session after their speeches.

The Speakers include an international business advisor, a leader in Asian media relations, a BYU alum that works in international business with China, an Executive Human Resources Director who has held leadership positions in several Chinese companies and a China Foreign Relations expert.

The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.

All speakers will have an hour to meet with students one on one at the end of the conference.

“This event is built for students,” Limpanasriphong said. “We believe these speakers will both educate and inspire students in their endeavors.”

The China Conference Committee explained that this idea was born because members of the committee and faculty advisors felt it would create valuable relationships between BYU students and the Chinese business world.

“We’ve seen these conferences at Harvard, Brown and Cornell. We wanted to follow suit at BYU because we can see the potential benefits,” Limpanasriphong said.

Limpanasriphong also discussed how this event aims to prepare students with career skills and cultural knowledge to succeed in business and service relationships with China.

“Heavenly Father has blessed us with the opportunity to learn at BYU, which is an incredible institution,” Limpanasriphong said. “But he expects us to share this knowledge and use our skills. If you know the people and the culture, this will have a positive impact on how you serve and make a difference.”

Those interested in the conference can learn more and purchase tickets online.

Tickets are $11, which includes access to all the speakers and lunch. Students are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.

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