Provo’s fall fashion brings back boots, cardigans

Junior Lucy Scholl shows off her fall fashion. Scholl is a musician from Prosper, Texas, who represents many of those excited for the fall season because it means trendier outfits. (Lucy Scholl)
BYU Student Junior Lucy Scholl shows off her fall fashion. Scholl  represents many of those excited for the fall season because it means sweaters, scarves and trendier outfits. (Lucy Scholl)

Summer is over and fall in full swing. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and pumpkin is finding its way into almost every treat.

This year, Vogue Magazine created a list of fall fashion trends showcased in multiple fashion weeks throughout the world. Vogue suggested some trending items this year, including a floor duster coat, a white statement blouse and velvet fabrics.

Provo students might not be able to afford these designer clothes, but there are many upcoming trends that students will find fashionable.

“For women, we are loving the long, cozy cardigans that will be coming for fall,” said Kylee Middleton, owner of clothing company Piper + Scoot. “They are perfect to pair with a soft tee, high rise jeans and your favorite pair of boots.”

Utah fashion bloggers are embracing the trend of flare and boyfriend jeans. Middleton said cargo jackets were trending last fall and will continue into this year.

High rise boots have always been a wardrobe essential for past fall seasons, Middleton said, but ankle boots will be trending this year.

Trends may come and go, but there are some essentials students can buy and wear for many fall seasons to come. “I love to wear the dark and neutral colors and the sweaters and scarves,” UVU student Haley Ahlman said.

Sweaters are a fall wardrobe essential and can always be paired with jeans and accessorized with a scarf. Middleton also talked about fall accessories and said “wide-brimmed hats are a perfect addition to any outfit — plus they do wonders for bad hair days.”

GQ created a list of essentials men need for this season. Men’s clothing during New York City fashion week showed off oversized coats, gray colors, knit sweaters and baggy trousers. More affordable items included chukka boots, sweaters, turtlenecks and plaid shirts.

BYU alumni Stephanie Santistevan-Swett created Eva Jo Rompers, a company selling fashion forward items for women. When asked who decides on fashion, Swett said, “we decide fashion.” She said there are endless trends that make an appearance on the runway, but “we decide what really becomes fashionable by choosing to wear it. A runway trend isn’t really “in” unless people are wearing it off the runway.”

Swett said she has noticed more cuffs in this year’s fashion trends. The one trend she wishes would disappear is a style called “effortlessly chic,” because, Swett said, “do you know how much effort it takes to look effortless?”

BYU student Benn Collett said he thinks men will start wearing more plaid shirts this fall. “The style might stay the same as last fall — skinny jeans and chukkas,” he said.

BYU student Gabe McFadden has a love of fashion and knows what’s trending. McFadden said fall menswear trends may include simple shirts, a worn-in jacket and simple boots. (Gabe McFadden)

Collett purchases his clothing at J. Crew Factory, Gap, H&M and Cotton On. BYU student Gabe McFadden, however, said his current favorite menswear brand is Saint Laurent.

McFadden is from Ladera Ranch, California and has an elevated sense of style. McFadden said he loves fashion, and he knows how to talk trends. He described the latest trend for both men and women as “Woodstock goes to Paris.”

“It’s basically boho, 1964 vibes, but polished and not grungy,” McFadden said. He said recent trends include earth tones, leather and fringe and crazy prints but in muted colors.

“It’s really not hard to be a fashionable guy at BYU,” McFadden said. “If you can break out of the gym-short-and-T-shirt mold, you’re already better than 90 percent of the boys on campus.”

McFadden offered style trends for the college student: a pair of fitted jeans, a basic shirt and a light jacket that isn’t a hoodie can replace basketball shorts, a T-shirt and a hoodie.

“No girl has ever said, ‘Look how cute he is in those gym shorts,'” McFadden said. He suggested replacing sweatshirts and hoodies with bomber and biker jackets.

He said simple shirts, black skinny jeans, a worn-in jacket and some simple boots are a “really solid, staple outfit.” He also said men’s jewelry is coming into fashion, like chunky rings and stacks of bracelets to dress up simple and clean pieces.

“The BYU man is already clean cut and respectable looking,” McFadden said. “Edge it up with black jeans instead of chinos and a jacket instead of a sweater — think J. Crew goes rock ‘n’ roll. Invest in a good leather jacket and you’ll have it for the rest of your life. Find jeans that fit — they don’t have to be skin tight, but something tailored will make your legs look longer and you’ll look taller and leaner as a result.”


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