BYU women’s volleyball athlete Amy Boswell named WCC Player of the week

Ari Davis
Amy Boswell spikes the ball in the game against OSU. Boswell has received her first WCC Player of the Week honor for the season. (Ari Davis)

Middle blocker Amy Boswell received the WCC Player of the Week accolades after helping lead her team to victory against in-state rivals Utah and Utah Valley.

This is Boswell’s first conference weekly honor this season and her second in her career.

“It’s kind of nice, right, getting recognized,” Boswell said. “One thing that I love about the middle’s job is that the middle doesn’t do well unless we’ve got good digs. You usually need a pretty good pass to run the middle. So when I do well, it’s good news for our team knowing that we’re passing well.”

Boswell had seven kills and three block assists with an impressive four digs during the game against Utah. Boswell continued to lead the team with eight kills and four block assists during the game against Utah Valley. Boswell made 21.5 points between the two games.

The junior is a vital asset to the Cougars. Boswell acts as a wall and a force to be reckoned with at the net. The 6-4″ athlete was named No. 2 blocker in the nation last season. This season appears to be no different with Boswell being a leader and influencer among her teammates. She is still humble despite the honor.

“I still have lots to improve on,” Boswell said.

This is the second conference weekly honor the Cougars have received this season with the first going to Alexa Gray.

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