Sen. Lee bets turkeys that BYU will beat Nebraska

The BYU football team enters the field before the game against Utah State (Universe Photo
The BYU football team enters the field. (Universe Photo)

BYU football kicks off the 2015 season against with the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday and things are already getting political.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, in a friendly conversation with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse wagered on the opening football game. The senators offered to help out a food bank in the other’s state for whoever wins.

“When the Huskers win Saturday in Memorial Stadium, Senator Lee will send ten of Utah’s Norbest Turkeys to the Open Door Mission in Omaha,” Sasse’s office said in a news release. “If, by some miracle, BYU wins, Senator Sasse will send ten pork loins from Pillen Family Farms based in Columbus to the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City.”

With poultry on the line, BYU cougars just have one more reason to start the season with a win.

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