Hardware failure in BYU’s data system triggers widespread outage


On the morning of Friday, September 4, the Office of Information Technology sent an email to the campus community.

“On Thursday, September 3, a hardware failure in one of BYU’s core data systems triggered systemic failures resulting in widespread outages and slowness of campus websites and information technology systems. A significant portion of our campus infrastructure was affected,” the email said.

“Efforts by engineers from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to migrate and restore services are underway. However, because these websites and systems are so interdependent, some systems will continue to experience intermittent outages.

“Engineers are attempting to stabilize these websites and services as well as the underlying hardware. To do so, a large amount of data must be migrated from one portion of the data system to another. OIT personnel are making every effort to perform these operations in a timely manner.”

As of late Friday morning, the system is now back in working order.

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