Cougar Questions: What is your favorite spring activity?

"Rock climbing because the snow is finally gone." Jared Paxton Exercise Science Spanish Fork, UT
“Rock climbing, because the snow is finally gone.”
Jared Paxton
Exercise science
Spanish Fork
Maddi Dayton
“Jet skiing, because it gives you a rush.”
Savannah Benson
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Maddi Dayton
“Ultimate frisbee. Everything about it is fun.”
Peter Schleede
Mechanical engineering
Webster, New York
Maddi Dayton
“Frisbee, because it’s fun and I like running around. It’s nice out!”
Muriel Longstaff
Saudi Arabia
Maddi Dayton
“All the hiking in Utah is really cool to do.”
Cydney Torrez
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Maddi Dayton
“Razor scootering down Provo Canyon.”
Kalin Heaton
Laie, Hawaii
Maddi Dayton
“I enjoy going for walks. It gives me time to relax.”
Joseph Drapeau
Business management
Merrillville, Indiana
Maddi Dayton
“Cloud watching. I just really like the sunshine.”
Sarahbeth Brown
Biology science education
Chardon, Ohio
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