How to help her plan the wedding


Men may struggle to know how to help their bride with wedding plans, but there are a few simple things to make it easier.

1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. 

Kayla Christensen and her fiancé in St. George, Utah

The groom first needs to take time to communicate. Some brides may want to handle all of the planning, and some may want the groom’s assistance with everything. It’s important to discover exactly what she wants, then do it.

Kayla Christensen is a junior at BYU who has been planning her wedding with her fiancé for the past two months. Although there are a few stresses, she really appreciates the fact that her fiancé communicates so they’re on the same page.

“I’m really happy when he gives me an opinion,” Christensen said. “It ensures that we’re both getting what we want and not just what I want.”

2. Help out as much as she’ll let you.

Be there when she needs help and when she doesn’t.

Former BYU softball catcher Jessica Blankenberg has been married for five and a half years. Blankenberg put a lot of time and effort into planning her wedding. She appreciated the fact that her now-husband was there to help when she needed him.

“He was willing to sacrifice,” Blankenberg said. “But what was great is that he not only helped when I wanted him to help, but also he didn’t help when I didn’t want him to.”

3. Work together.

Wedding planning includes too many details and tasks for a single person to remember alone. Any help the groom is willing to offer will be very appreciated.

Shirley Woods has had a wonderful experience planning her wedding because of all the help and support she receives from her fiancé.

“We’ve really enjoyed doing things together,” Woods said. “We enjoy doing announcements and scouting out venues together. He calls and sets up appointments, goes with me to everything. He’s just super supportive. I’m a lucky girl.”

4. Maintain a positive attitude.

Trying to meet the needs of family members and make everyone happy can be discouraging when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes the best thing a groom can do for the bride is to smile and be happy.

Kimberly Flores, a senior at BYU, feels that the positive attitude her fiancé has is one of the most helpful things he contributes to the wedding planning.

“He keeps a positive attitude about everything,” Flores said. “Sometimes it can be stressful, but he always encourages me and reminds me that it will all be over when we’re married. It helps me to see the bigger picture and keep a more positive perspective.”

Grooms aren’t uselss or in control. Be helpful and happy, and make the most out of planning time.

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