Obama visiting Utah Friday, April 3

Jacquelyn Martin
President Obama plans to visit Utah April 3. (AP Photo)

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Utah Friday, April 3. Obama has not visited Utah while president.

Obama will first travel to Louisville, Kentucky, on Thursday, then arrive the next day in Utah for an event on the economy, the White House confirmed Monday, March 30.

The visit precedes one of Salt Lake City’s busiest weekends — the 185th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — but follows the historic passing of anti-discrimination legislation by the Utah Legislature.

Obama visited Idaho on Jan. 21 and South Carolina on March 2, leaving Utah and South Dakota as the only states he has not traveled to while in office. In both Idaho and South Carolina, Obama met with large groups of students on university campuses.

Obama’s last visit to Utah was during his first campaign in August 2007.

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