Cougar Questions: Would you camp out for an event?

Bryan Pearson
Cole Holt Mesa, Arizona, Chemical Engineering

“I personally wouldn’t do it. I think it’s a waste of time.”

Bryan Pearson
Adam Hartshorn, Orem, Utah, Undeclared
“I think it’s cool and could be pretty fun, but I live close by and don’t really care about getting good seats.”
Bryan Pearson
Matthew Hobbins, Mission Viejo, California, Accounting
“I would camp out for a big sporting event, but it depends on who I’m camping with. If my friends did it, I probably would.”
Bryan Pearson
Camille Walker, Corvalis, Oregon, Music

“No, I like sleeping in a warm bed. I’m not obsessed with being the first one to do something, and there is not something important enough to me that I couldn’t just wait till later.”

Bryan Pearson
Micklane Farmer, Richfield, Utah,   Civil Engineering
“It takes too much time to do something like that.”
Bryan Pearson
Rachel Hansen, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, English
 “I think I would camp out for the sake of camping out, or maybe to see the sun rise, but not for a gift card or anything else.”
Bryan Pearson
Blake Pumphrey, Zanesville, Ohio, Landscape Management
“No, I can’t say I would. I hate big crowds, and I really don’t enjoy that, so I would rather just wait for whatever it is.”
Bryan Pearson
Kayla Rolfe, St. George, Utah    Family Studies
“No, I don’t think I would. I just think it’s kind of silly. There are probably better things you could be doing than waiting outside a building.”
Bryan Pearson
Taylor Wells, Bountiful, Utah, Linguistics
“I would camp out for the release of a new game console or the World Cup. It has always been my dream to go to the World Cup, so I would camp out for that.”


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