Confederate flag hangs in Heritage Halls window, faces 9th East

This confederate flag hangs from room 4202 in Building 30 of Heritage Halls. On-Campus Housing policy states that (Eric Morgan)
This Confederate flag hangs from a student apartment window in Heritage Halls. (Eric Morgan)

BYU Residence Life may take action to remove a Confederate flag hanging from a fourth-floor window in Heritage Halls.

The window and flag face Ninth East. Heritage Halls Manager Paul Barton has not heard any complaints regarding the flag but is in discussion with BYU Residence Life Director Julie Franklin about the issue.

Efforts have been made to contact BYU Housing and Franklin, but no replies have yet been received.

BYU’s on-campus Housing Guidelines for decorating outline certain adhesives to use on the walls and warns against using nails, tacks, tape or paint on stickers, posters and pictures.

BYU student Carson Knight commented on the Daily Universe’s Facebook post: “This is my friend’s flag. I know him very well and it is in his room where the flag is being hung up. He is not a racist bigot. He only has the flag up because he is an outspoken conservative politically speaking and he strongly believes in states rights. There should be no problem with it and no one should be offended.”

The guidelines website gives further direction: “Make sure your decorations can be easily removed. You are responsible for any damages. Decorations should not be hung on the outside of windows or buildings, on the ceiling, or on window coverings.”

BYU fire code allows up to 25 percent of the door to be covered with decorations. Window decorations, however, are not fully explained in policies.

Heritage Halls Resident Assistant Eric Morgan works in Building 25. As an RA, Morgan said his first step would be to check with housing policy first.

According to the housing policy website, “Anything can be deemed objectionable material by a hall adviser or other housing official.”

Morgan spoke with Hall Adviser Danica Flake, who has been working with BYU Residence Life for eight years. Flake said Barton and Franklin may speak with the residents about the situation.

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