6 extremes among engaged couples at BYU


First comes love, then comes the ring, and then comes those newly formed engaged couples that do nothing but annoy you. This is why they need to be stopped (or at least have their own “engaged couples only” apartment complexes).

1. It’s all they talk about 








How much do you care about their wedding plans? Not at all. How much do they care that you have heard the proposal story more than enough times? Not at all.

2. The annoying countdowns they come up with so they can remind you they are getting married








*gets up at fast and testimony meeting* “Wow, this is my last fast Sunday as a single person!”

*gets up in Sunday school* “This is my last Sunday school lesson in a singles ward!”

“The next time I’m in classes I will be married!”


3. They assign you (their friend) to all their wedding planning dirty work









Never answer yes to the question, “Do you want to be my maid of honor/best man?” Mostly because this means you will have to stop watching Netflix to plan a bridal shower, go dress shopping and basically become someone’s main source of free “pre-wedding” slave labor.

4. They stop caring that roommates actually exist and live in the same apartment as them








“Hey uh, could you guys not cuddle for hours on our couch?”

“Dude, we are engaged; calm down.”

5. They take over social media like some kind of extremely happy plague, and they won’t stop









Facebook has become prime breeding ground for engaged couple bragging. Not only do we get running updates of the entire proposal, the ring and how lucky she is that “this special guy” popped the question, but for the months leading up to the wedding and the time after, all their posts consist of wedding planning, bridals, demands for addresses and instagram “TBTs” to a mere seven days ago when they tied the knot.

6. After they are married they are very likely to never talk to you again






Even though you have been friends and roommates for years, having things like experiences with crazy landlords and other crazy roommates that bring you together, it still doesn’t work. In the end they kind of fall off the face of the earth.

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