Snowless winter at Soldier Hollow


Warm temperatures are preventing the popular tubing and cross-county skiing park at Soldier Hollow from making much snow this season.

All that can be seen at this winter park is small man-made snowbanks. The park normally opens the week before Christmas, but the unusually warm December weather hasn’t produced any natural snow, and that means the hills may have to open later. Soldier Hollow staffers say they are concerned because fewer days of operation means less money for this self-sustaining 2002 Winter Olympic venue.

“Well for us, it’s a little frustrating right now. I mean if you look behind me, we’ve been making snow when it’s been cold, but the last several weeks it just hasn’t gotten cold here,” Soldier Hollow executive director, Richard Hodges, said.”

The park says that their cross country ski trails and tubing hills are set to open December 20, as long as the weather cooperates.

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