A powerful performer


No props, very few actors, a plain set.  At first look BYU’s production of ‘Our Town’ may seem like a simple show, but a bold casting decision by director Stephanie Brienholt makes the play nothing short of spectacular.

“He just represents a part of our lives, a part of our community that’s not always represented in shows so I thought if I don’t jump on this opportunity I’m missing an opportunity,” Brienholt said.

This opportunity is Andrew Justvig, a senior who has cerebral palsy. He’s had this since birth and it effects motor skills, balance and most difficult of all for an actor, speech.

“That’s something I’ve always been concerned about…. if I was back in the silent film era I would be good,” Justvig said.

Justvig has more than 30 lines in the show. He says this personal acting goal is to have an impact on those in the audience.

“It can be challenging but for me it’s more of an opportunity to learn and to teach people that anything is possible,” Justvig said.

The Thornton Wilder classic covers a broad range of life lessons from the pain of growing up to the awkwardness of falling in love. But Andrew’s favorite is its reminder to slow down and count your blessings.

“Conversation, and hugs, and dinner with your family, those are the simple moments that make life worth something,” Justvig said.

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