LDS Church announces changes to CES devotionals

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Elder Paul V. Johnson speaks at the Ogden Tabernacle Sunday, Nov. 2. Elder Johnson announced a new devotional schedule and curriculum for Church-owned universities and institutes. (Screenshot from

CES Devotionals received a new schedule and name Sunday night. Elder Paul V. Johnson, commissioner of church education and a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, announced that CES devotionals will now be called ‘Worldwide Devotionals for Young Adults’ and will take place three times a year.

“These changes are intended to highlight the importance of each broadcast and to ensure that each young adult, wherever you are and whatever your circumstance, is invited to participate,” Elder Johnson said during last night’s devotional. “We encourage priesthood leaders to make these worldwide devotionals important events in local areas.”

These worldwide devotionals will be broadcast in January, May and September, according to Elder Johnson.

The announcement was accompanied by confirmation of curriculum changes that surfaced last Wednesday. Church universities, as well as institutes of religion, will now require four new courses for graduation. New course offerings will begin Fall 2015, and all current scripture courses will continue to be offered.

Following Elder Johnson’s brief announcement, Elder Donald L. Hallstrom delivered an address on “building foundations for eternity.” Many listeners took heed of Elder Hallstrom’s invitation to share what they’re doing to build their spiritual foundation on social media using the hashtag #cesdevo.

Changes to the devotional schedule will begin in 2015.

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