Dark Energy releases product to charge on-the-go


Dark energy, a company based out of Utah, released a product that charges cell phones on-the-go.

Dark Energy’s Odyssey helps users maintain an adventurous life-style without being tethered to a charger. The Odyssey is the size of an iPhone, and can charge a phone for up to a week.The odyssey is waterproof and plugs into whatever device the user chooses including a phone, camera, or ipod.

“Dark energy is a force in the universe that expands the universe, we want everyone to use our product to expand their universe and do more with their personal lives,” said William Lam, founder of Dark Energy

The Odyssey allows for adventure with modern technology. It allows people to have their phone to take pictures, call in emergency, or share their experiences through social media.

“I have been climbing a mountain and you miss that moment you have been waiting for all day when your phone dies right at the summit.” said Adria Kramer, Customer intelligence at Dark Energy

Dark energy launched a year and a half ago off of Kickstarter and over 20,000 dollars in sales thanks to features from a company named Mashup. They company has since been featured in Utah Valley Magazine, Business Insider, Uncrate and countless other places.

They currently have only one product, but they plan to launch two more by the end of 2015. Dark energy promotes an active and venturesome lifestyle. The Odyssey is perfect for BYU students looking  to venture away from Provo.

“We want our name to be synonymous with the ultimate power provider for the active millennials.” Lam said

Customers have found that the product helps expand options when exploring. Its compactness, light weight build and portability are the top reasons customers are impressed with the Odyssey.

It’s small and light for what it is. It recharges my phone 5 times completely. I put it in whatever pocket I want and forget about it until my phone is about to die,” said Warren Hull, Dark Energy user

Dark Energy is launching a deal with the BYU store where the Odyssey will be sold by the end of the year.

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