New on-campus housing available for married couples


BYU announced that starting this fall Wyview, a single-student housing complex, will offer married housing contracts as well as single housing and MTC housing.

According to Vick Losser, who is in charge of family housing and will be overseeing the transition, 66 units will be converted into family housing.

“Yes! Wyview Park will have apartments available for families starting Fall 2014,” said BYU’s website. “These apartments are available to contract in My Housing Account.”

Two different general floor plans will be available. The first will be rented out for $730 a month and can house a maximum of four residents. The second will be rented for $855 a month and can house a maximum of six residents.

Wyview was originally family housing; however, in 2005 BYU announced that more single students were requesting apartment-style homes. This led BYU to convert Wyview into single housing and tear down Deseret Towers.

Wyview is now transitioning back to its original purpose. Julie Franklin, director of Residence Life at Brigham Young University, said more married housing is needed to replace old housing.

“In April we closed a quad of student family housing units in Wymount Terrace,” Franklin said. “The apartments that made up the quad have since been demolished in preparation for the construction of two replacement buildings on campus. The new laundry and maintenance buildings will allow for the expansion of the MTC.”

The new addition of families to the complex will mean that there will now be three different kinds of housing within Wyview. There will be family housing on the east side as well as single housing on the south end and missionary housing on the north end.

Marcela Marrugo, a freshman who lived in Wyview this summer, said she doesn’t think it will be a problem.

“It’s going to feel like a pretty diverse community,” Marrugo said. “There probably won’t be a whole lot of interaction between the families, the single students and the missionaries, but you’ll definitely see them around and that will be interesting.”

Contract information provided by Franklin seemed to support this claim.

“Families have been enthusiastic about contracting for the apartments in Wyview Park,” Franklin said. “There are not any spaces available for women in Wyview for this coming fall and only a few spaces for men. When we transitioned Wyview Park from student family housing to single student housing a few years ago we had a combination of families and single students. This worked out fine.”

Only four of the 30 buildings will be used as married housing. Most of the rest will remain single student housing with a few remaining occupied by the missionaries until the expansion of the MTC is finished.

Tours are available by request for anyone who would like to visit the apartment. Apartments are not fully-furnished, but furniture can be rented on a monthly basis. Those interested can visit the website at for more information.

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