BYU’s athletic reputation


Have you ever wondered why BYU Athletics doesn’t get the same respect around the country as other universities? I, a hardcore BYU, and overall sports, fan, have been asking this question for years. To beat the best, a team must be a part of a major conference. The big-time schools, such as USC and Florida State, participate in major athletic conferences. BYU Athletics needs to join a major conference to increase credibility throughout the country.

If you follow college football, you know that to be considered for a “major bowl game” you have to win; and you have to win against really good teams. If BYU is only consistently beating teams like Idaho State and Middle Tennessee State, then they won’t have the strength of schedule necessary to be considered for the national championship. Being a part of a major conference, like the Big 12, would provide legitimate, top-notch competition, enabling BYU to earn respect and credibility with the BCS selection committee.

BYU has had trouble attracting the top names because of its non-affiliation with a major conference. For BYU to become better and attract the best recruits, it must join one of those conferences.

I want to see BYU succeed. In my book, that means winning a national championship. And the only way BYU can win a national championship is to join a major conference.

Nathan Harker
Mendon, Utah

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