Xojo makes getting protein even easier


What Florida State did with Gatorade is what the creators of protein-infused sports drink Xojo hope to do here at BYU.

“There are five Ph.D.s that are inventors,” said BYU Tech Transfer Director Mike Alder. “There was an immense number of iterations trying to get the flavors and formula right, because in order to get the protein balanced you have to get everything just right.”

Xojo, a protein based sports drink developed at BYU. Photo provided by Zoom Drinks.
Xojo, a protein-based sports drink developed at BYU. (Couresy Zoom Drinks)

After two years of research, the right formula was created and Xojo found a niche in the market of sports drinks by providing before, during and after benefits all in one bottle. It’s a fruity sports drink that not only includes electrolytes and energy sources but provides a simple protein that can be taken during strenuous activity without the typical side effects like cramping. It was released locally last October, and since then only more improvements and scientific advances have been made.

Xojo is now released in a convenient powder form that was originally out of the picture for this temperamental protein drink.

“Creating a powder version of Xojo seemed impossible until we joined with a team of scientists to be able to crack the protein code,” said Tannin Fuja, who works with Zoom drink, a company involved in Xojo’s development.

Work began on creating the seemingly impossible powder version after a number of endurance athletes like marathon runners, Ironman athletes and Ragnar teams requested it. Eighteen months later a team was able to create Xojo X-10.

“Science finally caught up so we could create it,” Fuja said. “When I say it’s cutting edge, I’m not kidding.”

Avid hiker and marathon runner Tara Squires said having the new powder form would be more convenient for carrying and storing the drink, opening even more ways to use Xojo.

The new formula launched on June 20, in connection with The Hero Ride, a 100-mile charity bike race created by The Bronco and Holly Mendenhall Foundation, which Xojo has partnered with in the past and has plans for more partnered events come fall.

As of right now, the company has applied for a patent on Xojo, according to Alder. It’s one of the many products developed at BYU that is finding success in the marketplace.

Xojo can be purchased online and shipped nationwide.

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