BYU police steer students online to prepare for a campus shooting attack


Recent campus shootings at University of California Santa Barbara and Seattle Pacific University raise questions about how BYU would handle a shooting incident.

BYU Police  Lt. Arnold Lemmon said the threat is very real, and he and his officers train for such an incident and want students to know how to react should a shooter attack on campus.

The University Police website has a video, titled “Shots Fired,” published to educate students on the best methods for surviving a campus shooting.

By providing tools to the public, Lemmon believes he is empowering and preparing people to survive an active shooter situation on a campus where guns are prohibited without written permission of the University Police chief.

“There is no room for guns on campus,” said Lemmon, quoting from the university policy. “If you were an officer walking into an active shooter situation and you saw people with firearms drawn, what would you do?”

Lemmon said the best thing to do in an active shooter situation is to make a plan preserve your life. “Get out. Hide out. Keep out. Call out. Take out.”

For more information on gun safety and the university’s campus policy, visit

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