The Provo bubble


Are you a BYU student? Are you Mormon? Have you lived in Utah most of your life? If you answered yes to most of these questions you might be part of the bubble effect that takes place in Utah Valley.

Living outside of Utah, I’ve spent most of my life around people who did not share my standards. Most of the time you are exposed to every kind of behavior. While I was at a school with more than 1,000 students, I only met one member of the LDS Church. I felt like I was standing for what I believed by myself.

Choosing what is right when there is literally no other option is what some of the Provo bubble people have. This makes them think that it’s the same for everyone else outside of Utah, but not everyone has the luck to have so many members on their side. It is actually the opposite. This might be the reason why they tend to start judging or making assumptions.

Approaching different people with an open mind and willingness to represent our Savior in all we do can help everyone, particularly those living in a bubble. Opening our eyes and hearts will show that instead of being harmful in our lives, it will become a blessing to accept and tolerate our neighbors. We should try to involve ourselves deeper in the community with those who do not have it as easy us and who do not feel God’s love as we do. I guarantee that as we do this, our love for everyone will grow.

Melisa Garcia Cortazar
Dallas, Texas

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