‘Cries of Freedom’ ring at Scera Park in Orem


“Cries of Freedom”, a production recreating historical moments occuring during The Revolution and founding of The United States, ends on Saturday, July 5 at Scera Park in Orem.

Pinnacle moments in history come to life on stage as crowds of hundreds eagerly watch on. Founding Fathers George Washington, Francis Scott Keyes and Paul Revere all get another chance to tell their heroic tales. A combination of meaningful narration and historical snapshots combine together creating an emotional re-creation of how America came to be.

Provo native Matthew Woodruff performs in "Cries of Freedom" at Scera Park.
Provo native Matthew Woodruff performs in “Cries of Freedom” at Scera Park on July 4th. (Photo by Brittny Millington)

Bringing these key scenes to life has been an uphill climb for founder and executive producer of Cries of Freedom, Scott Swain. His vision of bringing these historical events to others on stage has been a decade in the making.

“There are so few who have learned (America’s) story and know how to preserve it in the face of almost impossible odds,” Swain said.

The historic giants who had the courage to fight are highlighted in the show. Among the many legends of the past, Heroine of France, Joan of Arc is one that stands above the rest. Joan is brought to life by 17-year-old Orem native Katrina Cookson.

“When I auditioned I asked them if I could play the part of a powerful woman,” Cookson said. “And Joan is definitely a powerful woman.”

Because the production has such an important message, many performers have continued to come back year after year to be a part of the show. More than three-fourths of the cast has been in the production before.

“Being a participant in this is something that I consider an honor,” said Wade Alexander, six-time narrator for “Cries of Freedom.”

Complete with a Colonial Village, a Walk of Freedom, and the stage production of “Cries of Freedom,” all events are free.

“Cries of Freedom” will have another two showings at Scera park at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday.

For more information visit http://www.criesoffreedom.com

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