11 p.m. blues


We’ve all been there. An old friend, family member or a mission buddy rolls into town and has one free night to spend time with you. The only problem is that they’re only available after 9 p.m. In any other college town this wouldn’t be a problem. However, here in Provo this is like a death sentence because anything worth showing to your friend closes at 11 p.m.

If the local attractions and restaurants stayed open past 11 p.m. they would make Provo better, filled with fewer problems with students and a boost to businesses and the community. This is done specifically to help stop any problems that happen in most college towns at night, but BYU students are always told they are different, so can’t we be trusted to stay at the local bowling alley till midnight? What I’m advocating isn’t that most places need to stay open till 1 a.m. to accommodate students, but to stay open to midnight, giving students a public place to hang out with friends. I’m sure if this was changed, it would not only help us feel more relaxed with our time management but would also help drive up some local businesses. I know I’m not the only one who gets an urge for ice cream or some chocolate at 11 p.m. when studying for finals and has freak-out time trying to find somewhere before the stores all close. Just one hour more could change Provo’s community for the better.

Tyler Scofield
Schoharie, New York

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