Technology in classrooms


As a student here at BYU, I have recently noticed just how many professors do not permit the use of technology within their classrooms. At this point in time, there are many personal technologies that are available to us as students. These technologies have helped me to be able to succeed in class — whether it be using my smartphone to Google a definition of a word my professor keeps using or using my laptop to take my lecture notes in an organized and easy-to-find fashion.

There seems to be some belief within the faculty that these gadgets should not be permitted in class — not because they do not help students succeed, but because they can be distracting. While this can be true, it is important to remember two things.

First, the students who are choosing not to pay attention because they are using technology may resort to sleeping or doodling in class, which is still not paying attention. Second, we should not punish the students who want to use technology for good because of the choices of their fellow classmates.

By allowing students access to technology in class, professors are helping students more easily reach their full academic potential — especially the students who learn more easily with the assistance of technology. As a student population we can use technology for our learning benefit. For these reasons and many others, technology should be permitted in every class on campus.

Andrew Meng
Houston, Texas

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