Visiting teaching: Could it be more effective?


I think most single men in the LDS Church have been given the classic guilt trip regarding marriage. How many times has a bishop hassled young men in an elder’s quorum to be more proactive in seeking out young women to date? Break the fast, linger longer and ward prayer are just a few examples of what some LDS leaders might call “marriage catalysts.” However, it seems that these activities are not enough. As a currently single male in the BYU singles ward system I have a recommendation to make.

Simply stated, the role of visiting teachers in the Relief Society needs to be expanded. Sisters visiting sisters? That seems counterproductive. In a few short months a flood of returned sister missionaries, highly skilled in setting up appointments, will be returning to Provo. If the goal of YSA wards is to create eternal families, why do we not maximize our resources in a more effective manner? These young women are perfectly capable to visit, teach and befriend a young man in his own apartment. In fact, it may be the only way a reserved young man, uncomfortable in large group settings, would ever be able to truly get to know a young lady.

Coupled with diligent home teaching, this new expansion in visiting teaching will allow both genders to take initiative in meeting and serving one another. The infrastructure is already in place; let’s give the girls a chance to take charge.

Ryan Graham

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