Elder Carlos H. Amado: Christ the Redeemer

Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy speaks at the Saturday morning session of General Conference, 5 April 2014. (Courtesy of Mormon Newsroom)

Elder Amado explained that Christ never received honors or praise from the world and as he performed his work on the earth.

“His ministry always consisted of blessing people one by one,” he said.

He spoke on the Savior’s power over death and how he raised several people from the dead such as the daughter of Jairus and Lazarus. He said the authority and power Christ had over death filled people with both astonishment and fear.

He mentioned the Savior’s establishment of the sacrament and of his suffering in Gethsemane.

“In total submission before his Father, he atoned for our sins and also took upon him our illnesses and afflictions in order to know how to succor us,” he said.

He discussed the additional trials and opposition Christ faced when he was brought before the Romans and was crucified.

“At each moment of his suffering, the Redeemer of the world showed exceptional self-control,” he said. “He always thought of blessing others with kindness and tenderness.”

Elder Amado said the Savior completed his work in the spirit world and was resurrected.

“I testify that Christ will return in a way very different from His first coming,” he said. “He will come in power and glory, with all the just and the faithful saints. He will come as King of kings and Lord of lords.”


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