Bamboo-tiful: BYU student creates unique wood Iphone cases

Bambu, a company created by BYU student David Shaw, introduces its new sleek and original bamboo phone cases. (Photo courtesy of Bambu Cases.)
Bambu, a company created by BYU student David Shaw, introduces its new sleek and original bamboo phone cases. (Photo courtesy Bambu Cases)

Say hello to the new company that is taking Provo by storm — it’s different, it’s exciting, and it was created by a BYU student.

Bambu, a company that specializes in sleek and original bamboo phone cases, was organized by David Shaw, a sophomore at BYU and hopeful entrepreneurship major from Springville.

Shaw came up with the idea to customize the cases with laser-engraved designs when he ordered a bamboo case for his new phone.

“I had it for about two days when I realized it was kind of boring. I wanted something on it,” Shaw said.

He then enlisted the help of his friend, McKay Nilson, a sophomore studying architecture and design at the University of Utah.

“Dave and I became good friends when we were mission companions in Houston. While we were there, he saw a few of my drawings and really liked them. That’s what led him to bring me in for the design work on Bambu,” Nilson said.

According to Shaw, each case is created especially for the customer. “(The cases) are laser engraved and hand-painted,” Shaw said. “And you can get any case custom designed.”

The custom bamboo case has proven popular with customers.

“This has been my favorite case so far. It is lightweight, yet durable. It’s already saved my phone from a couple of falls. I love the bamboo look, and the artwork is original and unique,” said Kevin Critchfield, a BYU student from Springville.

The company is currently listed on Kickstarter. Entrepreneurs post a project on the website and allow users to donate pledges to help fund the project. Shaw has high hopes that Kickstarter will help boost awareness for his company and provide him with the funds necessary to expand.

“Our goal is $5,000. That’s what we need to order the second shipment to continue on with the enterprise,” Shaw said.

Shaw explained that when pledgers donate to the company via Kickstarter, they have many different options — for example, pledging an amount of $35 results in a free Bambu case.

“Someone can go onto Kickstarter and create a simple profile. They can log in using Facebook. It’s really easy. You pledge your amount and say how much you want to donate,” Shaw said.

Bambu’s goal is to create a phone case that protects the phone, is aesthetically pleasing and, best of all, is affordable. Those wishing to make a pledge can click here.

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