UTA Unveils New Texting System and Streetcar Line


The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has announced a new texting service called RideTime, which relays transportation information directly to mobile devices.

“RideTime utilizes real-time data to help you determine bus departure times for more than 6,500 stops throughout UTA’s service district,” according to UTA’s official website

To receive text messages from RideTime riders need to text a six-digit Stop ID number to UTA-UTA (882-882).  The six-digit Stop ID number identifies which location you want to receive information for.  Stop ID numbers are posted on bus stop signs.

RideTime location ID numbers can be found on bus stop signs.  Photo by Trevor Woller
RideTime location ID numbers can be found on bus stop signs. Photo by Trevor Woller.

Once a text is completed, UTA replies with the next three bus stop departure times from that location.

The ultimate goal of RidtTime is to “make it easier than ever to catch the bus,” according to the website.

Nathan Tanner, who uses a combination of buses and trax system to commute to school at the BYU Salt Lake Center, praises the new system.

“I find it really helpful,” Tanner says.  “I have location IDs memorized now so I can just text the number and know immediately my window of opportunity to catch a bus.  It has helped maximize my time.”

UTA is also opening up a new Streetcar line in South Salt Lake City.  The new line, called S-line, features two miles of tracks that serves South Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse.  The line will connect to existing rail options to other commercial districts of the two cities.

A grand opening on Thursday Dec. 5 featured speakers from the Federal Transit Administration, UTA and the mayors of Salt Lake and South Salt Lake City.

South Salt Like City Mayor Cherie Wood explained the benefits of the new Streetcar line.

“The street is more than just a movement… it is reshaping our community,” Wood said in a press release.  “One of the reasons that the biggest, fastest-growing companies are coming to this region is because rail options exist.”

The new line will become available for use by the public on Saturday Dec. 8.

Opening celebrations will continue that day, which include free rides for all passengers that bring one non-pershiable food item and entertainment at the Fairmont and 300 East stops.

For more information on RideTime or the new S-line visit letsrideuta.com.



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