Y-Serve plans to give more than candy this Halloween


BYU students wanting to serve and still be involved with the spirit of Halloween have been presented with the chance to volunteer at Provo’s annual Halloween carnival.

Y-Serve Community Service Coordinator Becky Smoot said, “I view (the carnival) as a great opportunity so that (students) can have fun while they are serving others.”

yserve pie
A Y-serve volunteer participates in a big-brother, big-sister program called Access, which is dedicated to working with children in activities such as homework and playing games. (Photo by Tyler Lewis)

Provo City Parks and Recreation Department personnel are putting together events geared toward a younger audience, and the Y-Serve volunteers will help run the several different events.

One of Y-Serve’s Provo Activities program directors, Sean Miner, said, “They have different activities to help students do things that they are interested in doing … whether you want to participate in the haunted house and help scare kids. You know, make it fun for them.”

Some of these events include trick-or-treating with popular entertainment stars such as Aladdin and Wreck-It Ralph, and the older youth get to show their courage through scarier attractions like the haunted house and zombie laser tag activities.

Kevin Meadows is another program director for Provo Activities at Y-Serve, and he sees the challenge of getting BYU students to serve over the holiday as more of an opportunity.

“It’s on Halloween, so there’s a lot of opportunities (to) do other things,” Meadows said. “It’s just available to have fun and be able to enjoy it and be able to recognize that serving is something that brings them happiness.”

For contact and event information, visit the Provo City Parks and Recreation Department’s website for a flyer.

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