Dating the right way


Relationships are one of the biggest, most sought after things at BYU, only behind the all-too scrumptious Cougar tails at the football games.

Guys walk around campus looking at every girl’s ring finger, secretly praying it is bare. Girls look for a cute guy — tall, dark and handsome with a knowledge of the gospel and white underclothing to prove his worthiness — to be a good husband. Sometimes I am appalled by the single life at BYU and my apartment complex.

Girls have just as much blame as guys. Excessive makeup, leggings, ditzy behavior and loud laughter shout, “I just want a boyfriend,” calling for the attention of every boy on campus. Then there are those who finally meet “the one” and, five minutes later, are writing all over their notebooks “Mr. and Mrs. Patterson.”

Guys are way too into the “find my wife” game. It starts with the “menu.” That book of names, pictures and numbers — known as a ward directory in every other part of the world. The next action is typical: cross out the picture of girls who are already taken. Then every guy competes with the next. Playing guitar, obnoxious behavior, mean jokes and recounting mission stories are but a few of the well-rehearsed methods of catching their prey and beating the others.

Why pretend to be someone you’re not? You will only find out too late you are with a person that is not truly them.

Let’s take our time. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s do this the right way. Let’s enjoy this time in our lives. It only comes once.

Corey Krewson
Laurel, Md.

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