True Blue: A BYU tradition


While diving down a blue-foam slip’n’slide and getting dyed blue may seem alien to most people, True Blue is a BYU tradition that shows Cougars are blue through and through.

Students dive into the blue foam slide for True Blue Foam day during Homecoming week. Photo by Sarah Hill

True Blue is sponsored by BYUSA and is a traditional homecoming activity. Jason Searle, the event lead for True Blue, said they began planning the event in July, and while the process for planning the event was long and full of paperwork, getting the event started was easy with all the participants.

“I’m just glad students have found something to do,” Searle said. “When they pick it up and run it (the activity) themselves it’s nice.”

Activities include sliding down a slip’n slide into a sea of blue foam at the bottom as well as volleyball and tug-of-war.

Kayla Fowler, a freshman studying communications, participated in True Blue. She was one of many who slid down the hill; she said it was fun, but she had some unexpected surprises including inhaling some foam and finding hidden people in the foam at the bottom.

Fans are sprayed with blue foam during Wednesday's True Blue Foam day.
Fans are sprayed with blue foam during Wednesday’s True Blue Foam day. Photo by Sarah Hill

“There could be 15 people under there and you wouldn’t know,” Fowler said.

Melissa Warren, a freshman studying graphic design, said going to the event was a good way to get involved.

“It (True Blue) seemed really fun,” Warren said. “What a great way to celebrate homecoming!”

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