The perfect storm for student seating


I know there have been mixed opinions about the general admission student seating for football games, but Saturday’s game and accompanying weather seemed like the perfect storm for arguing against this year’s new arrangement.

Despite the repeated announcement from event staff and mandates via the stadium PA system to evacuate, no student was going to budge from their rain-drenched seat after standing in line for several hours before the gates at LaVell Edwards Stadium even opened. And even though the evacuation was intended to keep the spectators safe from the lightning storm, it seemed far more dangerous to have students rushing back to their seats from the portals, scrambling over slippery benches and stairs.

I believe students may have been far more willing to comply with the evacuation order had we been given a ticket stub with an assigned seat. Although we don’t often see rain like that in Utah, the university may not want to be accountable for fostering the anarchy and mob mentality of a determined student section.

I’m proud to say “Loyal, Strong and True” took on a whole new meaning after Saturday’s game. #ROCSolid

Natalie Tripp
Grantsville, UT

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