Cougar Questions: May 28


The use of technology is continuously rising as new devices become available. Whether it be during class, while eating or during a break from studying, students around campus are constantly texting.

This week The Universe asked students what the last text message they sent said.

Steve Hunter, geology, senior, Pleasant Grove, Utah – “It was to a friend last night about a perspective job.”

Pasha Coleman, pre-nursing, graduated, Mesa, Ariz. – “‘I’m going to try, I have loads of homework and I have to pack because I’m going out of town. But I’ll see what I can do’…someone invited me to come watch their softball game tonight.”

Madison Lockhart, elementary education, senior, Centerville, Utah – “‘How is your day going?’…(it was) to my husband.”

Laura Drake, elementary education, senior, Ark. – “It was about the laser tag activity at the Wilk…it was just a little while ago. (I was) just asking my friend if they wanted to go.”

Ally Duffin, pre-nursing, sophomore, Spanish Fork, Utah – “‘Oh dear, I’m sorry I forgot to text you back. I’m going to take my final tomorrow and then I’ll be done with that at least. Holy cow you are such a busy boy. You are either super busy or sleeping all the time haha. Well goodnight Brandon. Sleep well and don’t let the monsters bite.'”

Heather Perazzo, biological sciences education, junior, Mesa, Ariz. – “I sent it to my husband. ‘Just call me when you get home love.'”

Sean Condie, pre-management business, junior, Sacramento, Calif. – “It was about meeting a friend for lunch…we went to Cafe Rio.”

Chad West, psychology, senior, Sacramento, Calif. – “This is so bad. ‘I might just punch her in the face haha.’ So I think I was just talking to my sister about something or someone. I don’t know if it was a teacher or what but…yeah that’s bad huh.”

Jose Robledo, sociology, junior, San Antonio, Texas – “It was my mom. I told her ‘night night.’ She told me goodnight and I was like ‘goodnight Mom.’ With a smiley face on the end.”

Andrea Skoubye, psychology, sophomore, Bluffdale, Utah – “‘Hey I have to go to bed, I have a class early in the morning. Goodnight’…(it was) to a friend.”

Ben Bonner, exercise science, senior, Turlock, Calif. – “I asked my wife how my son’s play date went.”

Josh Smith, PD Bio, sophomore, Md. – “It has to do with my anatomy class I’m taking. ‘What. Lame. They showed this nasty tongue connected to nothing but trachea and lungs.'”

Cameron Oldhan, exercise science, senior, Mountain Green, Utah – “The last text message was to my wife telling her where I was in the library to come meet me.”

Karl Nielson, PD Bio, graduated, Las Vegas, Nev. – “It should be a good time to be home so my friend can borrow my tennis racket.”

Jimmy McKinney, elementary education and early childhood, junior, Washington, D.C. – “‘Still class. Left today?’…(it was) to a friend.”

Nick Arnett, manufacturing engineering, junior, Blue Springs, Mo. – “I was telling my brother-in-law that we couldn’t play basketball tonight because my wife has to go to a class, and we’ll play this weekend.”

Jared Lescoa, accounting graduate, Logan, Utah – “‘Hilary, I found what I needed from your business law book. Can I drop it by?'”

Oscar Realme, theater arts studies, sophomore, Houston, Texas – “It just said ‘yeah’…(it was to) my mom…she was asking me how to say something in English and I said ‘yeah’.”

Austin Allen, pre-accounting, junior, Mapleton, Utah – “I put ‘yeah’…(the previous text was), ‘Did you get a call from your scholarship?'”

Hillary Tait, graphic design, senior, Las Vegas, Nev. – “It’s to my friend Alexis who is leaving on a mission soon…’Alexis I was just thinking about you. Thank you so much for your sweet message. I’m so glad that you’re taking the calendar with you. I’m just going to miss you so much. What am I going to do without my design buddy. But I’m just thrilled for you and what a cool area.'”

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