New Tweet Beat 4/30

@karlyscastillo  “Next to my friends, what I’m going to miss most about #BYU is all the attractive men. But really.”
@bekiwekiThe commercials on #BYU TV are so weird that at first I thought they were part of the skits on #StudioC.”
@danlefevre89To the man who tried and failed a backflip at the graduation ceremonies today…glad four years of school made you smart #byu #graduation”
@Brit6363Ps I go to the most amazing school in the world. #proudcougar #BYU”
@BrettTwinGonna stand by the road with my guitar and a sign: “will play sappy graduation song $5” #BYU #graduation”
@haileynoelleeeI just took 30 shots of #byu chocolate milk. Not one of my better decisions.”
@brookay13 “Wait I didn’t know #BYU had frats!”—Quinn after reading Magna Cum Laude in Megan’s graduation program.”
@kyote_g “those ducks walk around like they own the campus!” Sorry random girl, they do. #BYU #ducks”
@cmacmitchSo is this church or is it not church? Because it felt like church but…more clapping. #BYU”
@cierrabrooke I don’t recommend ironing your gown on high #whoops #BYU”
@KaderdWaiting in line for 3 hours is worth it!!! I love splash mountain! Jk I’m at the testing center. #byu”
@tylerpsaysThey’ve got rent-a-puppies in the testing center line. I’ve seen everything. #BYU”
@tylerpsays What happens when you’ve been in the finals line so long that your facial hair is no longer an acceptable length? #BYU”

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